2021 College Scholarship Opportunity

DBIA OVR Scholarship Announcement Flyer 2021.jpg

DBIA-OVR Region Scholarship Announcement – June 1, 2021

The DBIA-OVR board of directors is proud to announce our 2021 fall term scholarship winners.

This year the board reviewed ten applications and selected three students from the Ohio Valley Region (OVR) to be awarded a scholarship of $1,000 each. With this letter the board is officially inviting the winners to our golf outing on the 24th of June, and the students will be recognized for winning the first ever DBIA-OVR scholarship. The golf outing will be held at Glenview Golf Course http://https// . Also refer to the DBIA-OVR event calendar

The following students will receive the DBIA-OVR 2021 fall term scholarship-

  1. Danielle Hall - Architectural Engineering Program from University of Cincinnati

  2. David Finke – Architectural Engineering Program from University of Cincinnati

  3. Ryan Hess – Civil Engineering Program from The Ohio State University


Tommy Brennan

DBIA-OVR President

Link to application: